Peri The Parrot

Peri the Parrot Receives VIP "GFG Live" Care...

Peri, the African Grey Parrot, renouncing his African roots, travelled to the USA, courtesy of three of the members of the recently formed "GFG Live" special cargo group.  That originating member was ATS Angola, with this precious cargo being personally handled by Ms Nita Palhota.  Nita worked tirelessly to find the best route into the USA, with the fewest delays and to surmount the reels of red tape.  This involved the GFG Live members in both New York and Miami.

An extensive exchange of emails, with questions rarely seen and acronyms that a mere lay person could only guess about, told the considerable dedication to the job.  Nita sourced information, licences, routing options, accepting airlines and customs expertise to ensure that Peri was transported as quickly as possible and that her owners were content.  As NIta once commented "you learn a lot very quickly" and that is the nature of "live freight"

However, as another GFG LIve member commented "it takes time to learn all the procedures but, once you have, it is a great addition to the business and very interesting".

Finally, the hard work paid off.  Nita reported this week that Peri has now arrived safely in Miami.

"Bienvenido a Miami, Peri!"

ATS Peri1  GFG Live starts to show business benefits to newly involved members

Ms Nita Palhota reported to the other members of the GFG Live Group as follows:

"Dear All

In the attempt to diversify our activity, we  decided to enter the Live Animals transport. Herewith pictures of a Gray African Parrot that we shipped last week to Miami. It was difficult to convince the Angolan authorities that USA has strict rules corcerning the import of birds. It took us 40 days to get the proper vet certificate. But now thanks to the good work of TAP and the fantastic work of ARI SHIPPING MIAMI, Peri (that’s the parrot name) is already in quarantine in Miami.

I’m so happy that I wanted to share this with you.

Best regards

Nita Palhota

Comm. Manager

ATS – Angola
ATS Peri2 ATS Peri3 ATS Peri4
 Peri's food and instructions are clearly visible.  Peri's custom built IATA approved transport case.  Instructions and care are of the utmost importance with live freight.


The GFG: 21 years old and still learning...

Even after 21 years, and the fact that most of its founding members continue their membership, the GFG is not complacent.

The GFG is one of the world's original, exclusive networks.  The fact that one or two other groups now offer exclusivity proves we are doing it right and, since "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery", we thank them for their compliment!

ith so much competition, one must continue to develop, so we sought input from those who are the strength of the GFG - its members.

Here's one example of why our members value the GFG:

MAP Cargo, Colombia: "We value the GFG because it is a network of good friends doing business for mutual benefit."


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